Lego etc

Performance for camera, April 2020

Images: Elise Wallbridge

Performers: Rachel Lonsdale, Katie Grenville

Work in progress

There is an easier way to say this

Like i could just write the point down or say something loosely about female expectations


sort of slide it into conversation where appropriate


Like we're sat at the table and i'm like could you pass me the jug of water please, i've ran out

And funny you should say that because to be a woman is to enter into a constant state of incompleteness

as we strive for what fundementally cannot be achieved


in any sense


And then i'll sip the rest of my drink, place the glass down on the coaster

Maybe cover myself in a trifle if there's one to hand

see how i'm feeling at the time


i wish i could say this was one of those quarantine inspired activities and that i didn't have this planned months before

in a notebook


typed up actually i had it typed up

"yeah dad a pandemic isn't normal circumstances so we can't be expected to behave normally during this time"


something along those lines