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Made in collaboration with artist Toraigh Watson
August 2022

Performance not for camera, The Glove That Fits, London, UK. 120 minutes. 

During the performance I read aloud from Know the Game: Swimming, a guide published in 1994 on how to swim. I read over the top of improvised ambient techno music provided by Toraigh Watson.

Know The Game Swimming sets out clearly the knowledge and skills required by the beginner at each stage of learning to swim. It discusses the development of initial water confidence, the performance of main strokes, simple diving techniques and water safety survival. Over the course of 5 pages, it contains thorough description and illustration of how to dive into the water. These pages include: the sitting dive; kneeling dive; crouch roll; crouch dive; lunge dive; plunge dive.

I read my own notes and description of the nightclub site alongside Know The Game: Swimming. The Glove That Fits is a small nightclub and to enter down you can take a choice of two stairs; the left and the right. When you walk down the stairs there are different ways to go down, similar to swimming.


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