I'd like, June 2019

Today I, June 2019

Slade degree show, July 2019

A caravan evening, August 2019

They probably have snakes in Latvia, August 2019

Yoga for, May 2020

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I'd like

to know how long it takes before

a tone in voice changes 

towards me no actually

I'm not arsed there was a day when

I stopped being arsed I

think more importantly I'd

like to know how old I was when

I started saying sorry

instead of what

what age did I first start to

blush and why was I blushing how

long did it take to 

learn how to braid at

what point did

I start cherry picking from the add-on pool:

I guess/kind of/I think

that it's on green man

that it's a succulent plant

I'd like to know the

right way round to hold a pear as

you eat it 

it makes so much 

sense to hold it with the top 

facing downwards

Today I

leave with everything and nothing at once. Houses turn their

backs to me; instruct the sky to do the same.

I don’t think they can stand to watch, I don’t think they can stand another sleep walker

in a city


grip on gravel tongue on tarmac. I am

handed so much and somehow my hands are still little still

gulping up water

I acknowledge every room I pass -

pocket numbers drumming on my drowning lips.


Plucking out eloquence is easy;

hearing is another thing,

keeping tight hold of it.


Hold a hand to my singing heart

before you move away the furniture in your city,

before you ask me what day or time it is I couldn’t

tell you what’s beneath my feet

but if I float I’m buoyant

and at least it means I’m bright orange.

A caravan evening

is one just like this, look at my arms –

I’m wrapped in weather like bubble bath and

I can’t decide who’s more naked:

me or the sky? Have you not seen her belly –

it folds on the houses opposite.

That’s how you know she’s naked when the

sound is easy, the weather is easy,

my heart as a grapefruit to squeeze.

Slade degree show 2019

I have been in here for all

                                   of four

minutes I

have walked through 

two fire exit doors I think

I am in the photography development room

I’m sitting next to a lake 


in Latvia. I want to go in but

there are six midge bites on my right leg and one’s swelled

so badly I’ve had to bandage up my calf. I think


this is the most British thing I’ve seen in a while I think


I’ll tell people I got bitten                                          

by a snake, they probably have snakes in Latvia.

I thought about writing up my search history


                                        every day to keep a log of this time

and then like comparing it to before quarantine, but

that sentence in itself is so long and

methodical and

dry. Anyway, here’s an extract from Sundays:


When is blackpool illuminations

Vendetta etymology

Banana shallot

Why is it called a banana shallot

Flag day the housemartins

Socialism cuba

Origins of the word crisis




I’m not sure where I’m going with it

but I’m keeping the list for now. A few weeks ago,

my work sent me an email with attachments to

yoga videos that are 25 minutes


long there is:

yoga for stress/yoga for mood swings/

yoga for uncertain times/yoga for after disaster


I want to know the difference between them

and watch them all the way through or write my own version

like yoga for disgust or yoga for

my laptop malfunctioned

and wiped all my work during a pandemic

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