The part from grease where sandy puts paper in the water

Performance for camera, November 2019

Camera: Katie Grenville, Zeena Altai

Work in progress

During the performance, I stood in an empty paddling pool on Margate beach eating various ice creams in front of the camera. The filming includes the documentation and lead up to this event - blowing up the paddling pool, changing swimming costumes, coping with the cold, carrying on despite members of the public and dogs walking in front of the camera. 

This video is going to be an absurdist parody of the video that accompanies the song hopelessly devoted to you, originally performed by the character Sandy in the film Grease. This video can be found here:


From this performance, I have 2 hours of footage taken on a go pro and a DSLR camera. I plan on making this into a ten minute video that includes a spoken word voiceover and cuts from the original video from Grease.


Things I will be mentioning in the voice over of the film:

Sandy sings the song hopelessly devoted to you.

definition of hopeless:

feeling or causing despair


downhearted, lost, dejected, downcast, irreparable, unworkable

during the video, sandy:

throws her head back in elation

bites her lip in excitement at the beginning of the song

swings around the garden post, huge grin on her face

her hair does not change at all

her face does not change at all