The Part From Grease Where Sandy Puts Paper In The Water

Performance for camera, October 2019
6 mins 20 seconds

The 6 minute video is a call out to the song 'hopelessly devoted to you' in the film Grease.
In the scene Sandy is expressionless and passive, at one point playfully swirling tissue paper in a paddling pool of water, despite the song being fuelled by hurt and loss of control. 

A coming of age film, and one in many that whereby being heartbroken is romanticised and adopted as a rite of passage.

Originally intended as parody, the video footage is cut up afterwards and overlaid with on screen text from the artists voice, a year after the film was recorded.


Opening shot) White screen, black writing. The Part from Grease where Sandy puts paper in the water

Camera: Katie Grenville, Zeena AlTai