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Rachel Lonsdale
Sarah-Athina Nahas
Max Melvin
Michal Adamczewski
Margarita Ieva Loze
Melanie Christine Amengual
Alek Mechlinski
Dawi Moxon


what you see is what you get

We are for a night of live collaboration with instances that merge in space through time. The night is woven together through a vaudevillian style. Collective consciousness is created, with all the chess board flooring. We hand you the conch shell, have a listen.

We experiment with the concept of performer-audience relationships, carving a stage from the room as a whole. In the time proposed we'll acess a honed in volatility. Performers will take to the stage in sequence. Extending a hand to the public, we bring them in becoming one body. Breaking the fourth wall of performance and subsequently the art world as a whole.

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