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Most People Don't Know About Confetti

(made in collaboration with artist Max Melvin)

The performance features a man and a woman having a conversation about the dividing lines in the earth/sea/water/cake 

10 minutes, 18 seconds

July 2nd 2022, Hartslane Gallery, London

March 18th 2023, Hartslane Gallery, London












IMG_2678 (1).jpg




Wooden table (small, circular)

Chairs (placed behind table, facing forward)

Circular cake (on table top)

Kitchen knife (next to cake)

Written paper scripts x 2 (in both performers hands)

Introduction (in one performers hands)

Performer note: Stand 

Performer note: Look outwards, ongoing perspective fills the face, goes further than the wall it hits in front. e.g. the back garden behind, the walls, the road, the lampposts, east, your flat

Performer note: and back

Performer note: Perspective hits only the walls

Performer note: Stand in front of audience

Performer note: Lift paper, read paper written introduction

Performer note: Pause

Performer note: Begin

Performer note: When sink water is mentioned in the introduction. There is sink water in the introduction. It is not a central focus of the introduction but this part should be made bolder, clearer. How this is done is down to personal discretion

Performer note: Once the introduction has been read. Return to chairs. Let body withdraw then look at you then withdraw

Performer note: Remove the crowd from the room

Performer note: Gesture to another room

Performer note: If crowd will not move. Gesture to another room, wider room









blue room 1.jpg
blue room 2.jpg
DSCF6071 - frame at 3m21s.jpg
DSCF6071 - frame at 3m25s.jpg
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