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GRAVEL (hosted by hARTslane Gallery)


Paving the way for performance.

Co-run by Rachel Lonsdale, Sarah Nahas and Max Melvin.



Every two months at hARTslane gallery we will be hosting an evening of live art. This is an evening showcasing a small group of artists who experiment with live and performance based work. Each artist is given a 10-15 minute slot – there is no pressure for finalised work and it is encouraged to submit snippets and works in progress.

What to expect: performance/ live drawing/ spoken word/ happenings/ live action

We have: A projector, mic, mic stand, tables, chairs, the gallery space, the space just outside of the gallery

If you are an artist experimenting with something live and want to bring it to hARTslane gallery to test, keep a watch out for our next open call on our instagram @h.artslane 


Molasses Vases

Guest curator: Jinia Tasnin

Rachel Lonsdale

Max Melvin

Sarah-Athina Nahas

Jinia Tasnin

Kelvin Atmadibrata

Laisul Hoque

Mariia Annenkova

Kelly Wu

Joe Ackerley

Michal Adamczewski

Saturday 18th of May 2023
Pit of the water’s tongue

Guest curator: Siin Lee

A special edition event that speaks to the theme of nature and the ecosystem

Saturday 3rd of December 2022 
If it was my trolley 

Emma McAndrew D’Souza
Amy Gillies
Unamed Collective
Marta Burhan
Max Melvin
Karen Okpoti
Rachel Lonsdale
Sarah Athina Nahas and Michal Adamczewski
Charlotte Warne Thomas


Saturday 27th of August 2022
Floor Tat 

Guest curator: Anthea Hudson

Rachel Lonsdale Floor
Tu Pham and Eloise Benson Meal of belonging – bữa ăn gắn kết
Mars Leon and Mircha Ivens The creation of safe space
Charlie Norton The daily act of getting dressed
Zack Mennell Parasite
Definitives Anatomy

Saturday 2nd of July 2022,
Bills, Drills and Thrills

Guest curators: Michal Adamczewski & Margarita Loze

Rachel Lonsdale and Max Melvin Most people don’t know about confetti
Matilde Converio Makey Makey
Georgie Ellul Do you feel me, do you feel you
Catarina Moura and Conrad Armstrong
WENXIN Be a child
Jaime Martinez Don’t let me forget you

Friday 18th March 2022
No, I Don’t Want No Scrub

Guest curators: Sarah Nahas & Max Melvin

Rachel Lonsdale and Kyran Gilbert Audio Guide to the gallery
Siin Lee Receivers
Sarah Nahas and Michal Adamczewski Sun Man
Max Melvin The big black box
Kara Hondong A lecture performance (about the awkwardness of sitting in a swimming pool for aliens)
Theia Maldoom Surfing on the surfacing
Hayley Harrison Projection
Serafina Min Sungwon Give Me Something to Erase

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