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(made in collaboration with artist Max Melvin and Sarah Nahas)

The performance features a woman documenting time and reacting to signs using various found objects.

performance for camera

July 1st 2023, Hartslane Gallery, London












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  1. This performance can only be shown between hours of 8-8:30pm. It cannot be shown to you before or after this time, unfortunately, tragically, especially.

  2. For this reason, there is a circle in the clock I have made.

  3. In the performance, the clock is presented by a recognisable man who holds a typewriter. He will move through the room, behind me. He will place the clock that I have made in view and then continue to type.

  4. After he types, he will hand me the typing and then exit the scene. He could exit the scene in many days: back into the crowd or dramatically out of the main door to my left. How he exits is up to him, these are just a few examples.

  5.  The typing that I am handed can be about anything. It does not matter. The purpose of this is so that I am handed a short piece of writing.

  6. There is a light to my left. It is floor based and small, apomorphic, yellow. The small yellow light has a way of holding things accountable accidentally, like a mirror but this is much softer, and it reverses as it hits the floor. If you look at it too long something happens. Something happens and you clock it. You clock it. You clock it. You clock it. You clock it.

  7. You clock it.

  8. Regardless of this, the purpose of the yellow light is to indicate when the appliance is on.

  9. There is a slide that is behind me. Behind it there a placard that says slide slips over, giving us a bit more insight to the narrative. A customer at work asked me to describe at length how juice works, raising her cup. What is cordial and how does it work, in fact, what is the science. Which to be honest I do not know. This is an example of a slip. An expectation that does not match. Another example is a review of Catford Gyratory which I found online. The gyratory is road junction and traffic system in Catford. It is well known and frequently avoided. I found a long and detailed account of the A205 road. One person called it frankly diabolical. Though, this performance has nothing to do with the slide, it will stay.

  10. When things are positioned, it is our choice of whether we react to them. Accountable like a mirror, right, left reversed because the numbers look back, see you where out begins. You speak a word, speak me against nothing, a voice begins. 

  11. How do you want to change the eyes on the mountain side? something you said to me once in your sleep.

  12. Any similarities in this performance between themes of confusion, disruption, suspicion, turmoil, disassociation, flipflopping, arrow pointing back to the other arrow, and the general theme of chaos are merely coincidental and should not be taken at more than face value.

-  point 10: quote from Fiona Templeton

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