It's New Year's Eve

It's New Year's Eve is a character sketch that took place at a New Year's Eve party in December 2019.

In the sketch, a woman turns up to the party ready to have fun but something stops her in her tracks - she is not feeling in the mood just yet. She decides to use various objects in the living room to cheer herself up in time for the party. She plays with eclairs; she wraps herself in lights; she plays the bop it. Throughout her entry to the party there are cuts between a pre-recorded voice-over and live script, leaving gaps in which she speaks. 



It's New Years Eve, December 2019

11 minutes, 11 seconds

Performance not for camera, House Party, Bexley, London, UK.

Performer: Rachel Lonsdale

Voiceover: Rachel Lonsdale

Video: Katie Grenville

copeland 2.jpg

It's New Years Eve, March 2020

12 minutes, 14 seconds

Performance for camera, Copeland Gallery, Unit 9I, Copeland Park, 133, Copeland Rd, Peckham, London

Performers: Rachel Lonsdale, Kyran Gilbert

Voiceover: Rachel Lonsdale

Images: Kyran Gilbert

It's New Year's Eve was reperformed in March 2020 at the Private View of PENULTIMATUM, a group show featuring 62 emerging artists from third year BA Fine Art Painting at Wimbledon College of Arts.






Bexley, December 31, 22:44.

Image still from video: Katie Grenville


Peckham, March 6, 19:36.

Image : Zoë Mendelson


Above are two contrasting images of the performance. One taken in a gallery at a private view launch; the other taken at a new years eve party in December. 

Some might say:

Why two or

That second image does not look like a new years eve party

The original performance sketch was not documented properly or to archival standard, despite the artists' choice and obvious intention to avoid high quality video and photographic documentation. 


Some might ask:

Why is that

The sketch took place around objects and props already to hand in the room in the evening. A high quality camera and tripod is not part of a natural setting at a new years eve party.

Some might say:

That's a shame

It's New Years Eve was re-performed at the Private View of The Copeland Gallery, Unit 9I, Copeland Park 133, Copeland Road, a setting where a HD Canon camera would not look out of place, and is in fact welcomed by many.



Peckham, March 6, 19:48.

Image : Zoë Mendelson


Peckham, March 6, 19:27.

image: Yulin Huang

The performance you are about to see is a re-enactment. It is one that was designed and scripted for December 31st 2019. The purpose of the re-enactment is to exist as a log of the performance and a record of my time as this character.

The performance is one that took place in a living room at a house party in Bexley. As such, when the woman sits in the chair, you must picture her sitting in front of a crowd of thirty people, almost all of whom are in their twenties, most of them fine art or music students if this allows for a better image.


The Argos bag mentioned in the script has been replaced in this version with a Debenhams Christmas bag to allow for similar comedic effect.


When the woman walks up to the painting on her right, you must picture her walking up to a window. The window in this case was made up of two patio doors that look out onto the evening. It was not a cold evening, but one that was just dark. It arouses comfort in the way it is just dark. When the woman performs, you must imagine her movements being watched closesly by each person in the audience.

All this is by way of general suggestion.

Text extract from It's New Year's Eve, 2020

Writer: Rachel Lonsdale


original edit written by myself


penultimatum press release-1.jpg

revised edit written by myself



This show captures a stage in our practices, prior to degree show.  

We are 62 final year painters from Wimbledon College of Arts in a collective exhibition. Exploring the medium as one that refuses to be defined and static, this exhibition showcases different ways in which Painting can be re-imagined to include drawing, sculpture, collage, film and intermittent performances.


As the second to last year group to graduate in Painting at Wimbledon we view ourselves as part of a changing landscape - our collectivity and interests reflective of a current moment. PENULTIMATUM is our opportunity to honour a Painting that will continue to evolve and thrive beyond its life at Wimbledon College of Arts.

Images: Yulin Huang, Zoe Mendelson

Artists in order of appearance:

Zeena Al Tai, Monstrous Femme

Agata Sowinska, Sotto In Su (Seen from Below)

Doigo Gama, Who? Me?

Catarina De Moura, Sam Nicholson, Henri Affandi, Mragarita Leva Loze, Strong and Delicious, Cheapest and Best

Doville Svilpaite, Untitled

Rachel Lonsdale, It's New Year's Eve

Various installation shots